Supply Chain Management System

Supply chain management involves coordinating and integrating these flows both within and among companies.

Visibility into Your Global Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management (SCM) topics covering definition, objectives, solutions and the impact of globalization.

The primary purpose for the existence of any supply chain is to satisfy customer needs and business profits. Supply chain management activities begin with a customer order and ends when the purchase is paid for, a process often referred to as perfect order fulfillment—from quote-to-cash. Everything that happens in between should be driven by the single goal of adding value to the inputs and making it closer to whatever the end-customer requires.


What is supply chain management?

Supply chain management (SCM) is the combination of art and science that goes into improving the way your company finds the raw components it needs to make a product or service and deliver it to customers. The following are five basic components of SCM.


Supply chain management System is possibly the most fractured group of software applications on the planet. supply chain previously outlined is comprised of dozens of specific tasks, many of which have their own specific System. Some vendors have assembled many of these different chunks of System together under a single roof, but no one has a complete package that is right for every company. For example, most companies need to track demand, supply, manufacturing status, logistics (i.e. where things are in the supply chain), and distribution. They also need to share data with supply chain partners at an ever increasing rate. While products from large ERP vendors like SAP's Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO) can perform many or all of these tasks, because each industry's supply chain has a unique set of challenges, many companies decide to go with targeted best of breed products instead, even if some integration is an inevitable consequence.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Design & Operate Lean, Agile and Well-orchestrated Supply Chains.

Monitor and manage your supply chain more efficiently at lesser cost, and deliver the best value to you, your customers and your suppliers. From procurement to warehouse management, and inventory to sales and shipping, with Cygnus Supply Chain Management (SCM) you can seamlessly integrate and automate the wide spectrum of business processes in your supply chain, end-to-end.

Cygnus SCM is packed with powerful functionalities designed to drive innovation and collaboration across your supply chain. The solution is a suite of applications that can empower you to attain overall business visibility, manage and optimize inventories and synchronize supply with demand. With access to real-time and accurate data, you can make informed and timely decisions pertaining to your entire demand-supply networks.

Exceed Customer Expectations with Faster Deliveries

Cygnus Transportation Management coordinates shipments, calculating best carriers and routing to minimize cost while meeting delivery and handling requirements. It aligns export paperwork, including pro forma invoices and denied party management lists, and enhances customer satisfaction through faster deliveries and better visibility into shipment status.

SCM empowers you to efficiently manage your inventory, including receiving and verifying shipments and transferring it to the manufacturing facilities, returning defective goods, and authorizing supplier payments. You can gain vital and accurate information, act on time, and improve your bottom line. You can develop a set of pricing, delivery and payment processes with your suppliers, customers and contract manufacturers around the globe and create metrics for monitoring and improving your relationships with them. Cygnus SCM can help you put in place advanced systems and processes, required for your business to grow and change as per the market dynamics.

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