GPS Tracking System

A fastest growing operating system of smart phone devices has been popular with its each update.

What is GPS Tracking?

Know About GPS Tracking and Vehicle Management System .

A GPS tracking system is a navigation system that allows you to determine the precise location of a car, vehicle, person or other asset that the tracking device is attached to. The GPS device collects data from the Global Navigation Satellite System Network and relays it back to the device giving direction, speed and other data. The GPS device computes velocity and time and to be accurate needs to use four or more satellites to accurately locate a GPS tracker at almost any location around the world.

Live Tracking using iphone application and Android Application

A GPS tracker application can access the data from the central tracking system and relay the data through the control panel to see where a car, vehicle, person or object is located along with the extra information as required. These applications are now commonly installed on a pc, tablet or mobile phone to allow easy access to live GPS tracking from many devices.

Features at Live GPS Tracking

Let's Explore Best GPS Vehicle Tracking system in India

Live Monitoring on Map

Route History / Play Back



Alerts via SMS and Email

Voice Support



Other Benefits

Increased Fuel Efficiency / Dispatching and Routing Efficiency

Fleet managers can keep a track of idle time and over speeding of the vehicle i.e. vehicles exceeding a pre-set threshold. Then there can be comparison of idle time and the amount of fuel consumed between equivalently operated vehicles. Apart from that, monitoring Kilometres per Litre (KPL) averages of vehicle can reflect how implementation of vehicle tracking solution deter speeding and idling. Installing vehicle trackers boosts drivers to be more answerable and to practice safer driving habits. Once the employees are aware that their driving, speed and gas mileage are being tracked and monitored, greater care of the company vehicle usage will be taken. This enhanced behaviour will save fuel, reduce unsafe driving and amplify company's reputation.

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